August 21 – Announcements

 Upcoming Dates to Remember

July-August    Summer Services at SUC                                 10am
(SUC choir on summer pause)
(Upper Sackville United closed for summer pause)
(Centering Prayer group on summer pause)
(No Sunday School, activities/toys available for children)

TODAY     Food Bank Sunday

20160731_163601 ANNOUNCEMENTS for August 21, 2016
14th Sunday after Pentecost


Today we once again welcome Sara Jewell and thank her for the words of love and warmth, challenge and encouragement that she shares with us today.


FOOD BANK SUNDAY:  Today is Food Bank Sunday for the month of August.  We are asked to bring our offerings of non-perishable food items to help address the immediate needs of our neighbours and friends, even as we continue to address the larger, underlying issues surrounding long-term food insecurity.


SPECIAL CHURCH SERVICE TODAY AT ANDERSON SETTLEMENT:  The Anderson Settlement United Church will be hosting an outdoor Church Service in the churchyard Sunday, August 21st at 1pm. Bring your lawn chairs. Lemonade and sweets to follow the service. Upper Sackville member Kyle Wells, presiding over the service. Reflection entitled “Farther Along”.  Hope to see all who can attend the service.


SACKVILLE PASTORAL CHARGE WEBSITE:  Even if you’re not a computer whiz, why not check out our website at – this is the face that we show to most of the world!   Click the “follow” button on the home page to receive new information by email each time there’s a new post.


SUMMER PULPIT SUPPLY AND PASTORAL CARE:  The following is the schedule for pulpit supply:


Aug. 7th-21st & Sept 4th Sara Jewell – Lay Worship Leader

Aug. 28th – Jennie Del Motte


For any pastoral care needs, please contact Rev Jean Ward – 902-694-4372.


  1. I am wondering if it would be possible to make an announcement for us. This is our situation. We are in Sackville for the summer months as our son had a position at the Visitor’s Information Center from May until September 25. We have been lucky to sub-let from a student until September 1, but now we need to find housing for September. We are a retired couple who provide care for our son during this work placement as our son requires care with dressing, etc. so we are his caregivers. He has cerebral palsy which causes reduced mobility. I am wondering if anyone would have a small place for us to stay for this time period. We need a place to sleep, bathroom, and kitchen privileges. We live in New Glasgow for the rest of the year and could provide references if necessary. You may know of someone who might have a cottage, a small apartment, etc. Our phone number is 902-771-2827, and our email is


    • Hello friends – we will certainly mention this in church and see if anyone is able to help or knows of someone who might assist.


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