July 9 – Announcements

Upcoming Dates to Remember

Mondays       Centering Prayer Group      ON PAUSE
Wednesdays   Coffee with Open Sky        ON PAUSE
Thursdays    Parents & Tots                        ON PAUSE
1st Thursday   Project Linus                       ON PAUSE
July 2-Sept 3  Summer Services at SUC   10am
July 9&23, Aug 13&27  Beer and Hymns  7pm

Beer and Hymns poster
Tonight at 7pm!

ANNOUNCEMENTS for July 9, 2017-
5th Sunday after Pentecost

BEER AND HYMNS:  FIRST EVENT TONIGHT!!!  Ducky’s Pub from 7-8pm on Sunday evenings:  July 9 (TODAY) & 23, August 13 & 27.  Come out and raise your voices (and glasses!).

THE GO PROJECT AT SUC:  SUC is hosting an exciting adventure day camp this August 7-11 for children grades 2-7.  Visit the SUC GO Project webpage or contact the office for more information!

DON’T WORRY, BE HAPPY: Please join your Open Sky friends, along with Dr. Barbra Clayton of Mount Allison University, Religious Studies Department, on Friday afternoons 2-4pm during the summer, as we explore together what Happiness really means. This workshop series is a part of her SSHRC Research Project on Gross National Happiness – the measurement of wellbeing from Bhutan.  Workshops will be interactive, fun and inspiring.  More information on the Open Sky Facebook Page.

REMIT RESULTS:  The Results of UCC Remits 1-4 are now available.

JUST!US COFFEE UPDATE:  Just!Us has an important update about a temporary change in suppliers and how it reminds us that each cup of coffee and bar of chocolate is doing important justice work.

GETTING IN TOUCH WITH REV.  LLOYD:  Looking to get in touch with Lloyd?  He can be reached at spcminister@nb.aibn.com or by calling (506) 940-1151.

PRAYER REQUESTS: for yourself or a person or situation concerning you may be given to our Prayer Circle by calling Mora at 536-4109, or email morabullydog@yahoo.ca.  Details surrounding a request may be provided but are not necessary.  All requests are received with respect and kept in confidence.

Summer Reading and Reflection: The summer reading group, Three Months, Three Books, Three Indigenous Writers is a go! (reading lists are available at  the bulletin board. If you are planning to attend, please either sign up or email chgaw@eastlink.ca) Each gathering will be held at 618 Route 935, Wood Point at 10:00-11:30.(Each of these books has mature content and profanity. Reader discretion is advised!)



1 Peter 2:1-10


our music this morning is a mix of country & gospel, both old and new

Country/Gospel Medley (Hank Williams, Tommy Dorsey, etc.)
Heaven Let Your Light Shine Down (Dolly Parton)
River (Garth Brooks)
Offertory Response: I Believe There Are Angels Among Us (Alabama)
We Shall Be Free (Garth Brooks)

Special Music:
Wide Open Spaces (Dixie Chicks)
I Believe there are Angels Among Us (Alabama)

SPC Summer Music Series

This summer, we’re doing something new and exciting at SPC!  Each Sunday morning worship this summer will feature a specific musical theme/genre, with a mix of popular hymns and familiar favourites we don’t always get to sing in church!  Join us for these joyful Sundays that will have you swaying in your seat!

TODAY:  Country & Gospel
July 16: Big Band/Crooners
July 23:  Folk
July 30: Rock ‘n’ Roll
Aug 6: Sappyfest Pancakes and Prayers “to go”
Aug 13/20: Pulpit Supply (Sara Jewell/Gary MacDonald)
Aug 27: The Beatles
Sept 3: More Canadian Songwriters

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