Nov 5 – Announcements

Upcoming Dates to Remember

Mondays       Centering Prayer Group                                                ON PAUSE
Wednesdays   Coffee and Conversation with Open Sky               10am
Thursdays    Parents & Tots (at St. Andrews Presbyterian)       9:30-11am
1st Thursday   Project Linus Blanket Making at Main St. Baptist
Tuesdays 10am/Wednesdays 7pm              Spiritual Literacy Group at SUC
Nov 7             Meeting of SUC Trustees                                               7:30pm
Nov 19           SUC Congregational Meeting                                      12pm
Nov 26           Imam Zia Khan Conversation Café at SUC             11am
Nov 26          
Memory Café at SUC                                                      2pm
Nov 26          
Beer and Hymns                                                             7pm
Dec 2              Decorating the SUC Sanctuary for Advent            TBA


ANNOUNCEMENTS for November 5, 2017-
Remembrance Sunday

CONGREGATIONAL MEETING:  The congregation of Sackville United Church is called to meet regarding our finances and investments on Sunday, November 19 immediately following 11am worship.  A potluck lunch will precede the meeting.  ~Bruce Moore

COMMON VISION CONCERT:  TODAY at 3pm at the MTA Chapel, a musical ecumenical event featuring the music of Ron Klusmeier (and others) along with information on the Canadian Foodgrains Bank.  The event will feature a mass choir made up of singers from several Sackville churches, along with congregational singing.

2018 CHURCH CALENDARS:  Available for $6 each – if you are interested in ordering United Church calendars (a fundraiser for M&S) please fill in your name and desired number on the sign-up sheet on the church office door.

UPCOMING PLAY “SAFE HARBOUR”:  The Performers’ Theatre Company is putting on a performance entitled “Safe Harbour” November 7-12. The show takes occurs in a “Safe Place” where folks have gathered to talk about grief. All have lost a loved one. It is about dealing with loss, healing and relationships. It is touching and poignant. It is not morbid…it is about hope. Director Stephen Puddle describes it this way: “…’Safe Harbour’ by Sue Rose, brings together a group of disparate people each coming to terms with the loss of a loved one. Through the sharing of their stories, both in real time and in flashback, we see each one coming to a new understanding of the relationship, despite the physical absence. Even though ‘Safe Harbour’ deals with the subject of dying, it is not a dark play. It is a play full of humour, poignancy and hope.” 69 Main Street Sackville at 8 pm from November 7-12 with a Sunday Matinee at 2 pm. Tickets are available at Rob Lyon at 10 Weldon Street in Sackville or by telephone at 536-1904.

Independent Grocery Tapes
: This fund-raising program will be discontinued by the end of November, therefore, please turn in all of your Independent tapes no later than November 15th There is a basket on the shelf just inside the Sackville United Church entrance for this.  UCW will continue to collect pop tabs, bread tabs, used postage stamps with a 1/4″ border and the front cover of used greeting cards.   Thank you to everyone who supports this program.

BEER AND HYMNS:  Beer and Hymns will be continuing through the fall! Next on Sunday, November 26, and Christmas Carols on December 17!

GETTING IN TOUCH WITH REV.  LLOYD:  Looking to get in touch with Lloyd?  He can be reached at or by calling (506) 940-1151.

Coming Up at SPC

Tuesday & Wednesdays:  Spiritual Literacy Group.  Using resources from Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat this small group (and another on Wednesday evenings) will explore spiritual attitudes and practices that can contribute to living lives of meaning: attention, gratitude, kindness, play and the list goes on.  On each Tuesday morning and Wednesday evening we will explore the same theme – so, if you can’t make a Tuesday morning come on Wednesday evening or vice versa.

Consider taking part: Tuesdays at 10am or Wednesday at 7pm

WONDER CAFÉ:  On the last Sunday of each month, our worship will include a time for community conversation with a special guest who will speak with us about their own faith journey.  Coming next on November 26, with special guest Imam Zia Khan.

Scripture:  Isaiah 65:17-25, Luke 19:41-44
Hymns:  O Canada, VU 524 & God Save the Queen

Hymn from our tradition: Eternal Father Strong to Save, VU 659
God As With Silent Hearts, VU 527
Weep for the Dead, VU 526
Offertory Response: Grant Us, God the Grace of Giving, VU 540
Fresh as the Morning, MV 28

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