Our Governance Structure

Sackville Pastoral Charge orders its affairs in the Student Council Word Artfashion of a council.

Upper Sackville United Church functions as ‘council of the whole’.  When a decision needs to be made the Chairperson calls a meeting of the whole congregation and everyone  joins in the decision making.

Sackville United Church has an Executive Council made up of Elders elected by the congregation.  The Executive Council meets twelve times per year for ‘Grounding’ and ‘Business’.  Grounding meetings are best understood as times of community building and faith formation.  These gatherings ‘ground’ and inform the business meeting that follows about two weeks later.

In addition to the Executive Council Sackville United Church depends on Circles of Service – groups of people who come together to complete a specific task or attend to specific ongoing needs on an as needed as desired basis.

Representatives from Upper Sackville and Sackville Executive Council come together to form the Pastoral Charge Council which meets less than four times per year.  The Pastoral Charge Council is solely responsible for those matters that are jointly shared responsibilities of each congregation: Ministry Personnel, Shared Staffing and Salary, Benefits and other shared expenses.

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