Faith Formation

We believe that growing in one’s faith is a life-long process.  We believe that asking 12513684_969099526507423_4083206488097229350_oquestions and sharing in dialogue is essential to healthy spiritual growth.

The congregations of the Pastoral Charge seek to support individuals in their learning and growth throughout all the seasons of life through:

  • Sunday School: A safe place where children of all ages can engage with the stories
    of our faith and explore connections to God in their lived experiences.  We use a multi-age approach following the principles of Godly Play.  Using these and other resources, we aim to create a vibrant and spiritual atmosphere where our young worshippers can feel comfortable learning, exploring and questioning.
  • Godly Play: In addition to offering Godly Play opportunities in the Sunday School there is a group that offers Godly Play opportunities to residents of the Drew Nursing Home and often during intergenerational Sunday Gatherings we will centre around a biblical story told in a Godly Play manner.456794_278480838902632_1636274920_o
  • Youth Group: SPY@SUC is a program that supports youth (grade 7+) in developing practices that strengthen their sense of God’s presence in all facets of their life experience.
  • Prayers for the World: Each week we are invited to take a prayer card on which a concern for the world is written, and either alone or in groups, take a moment for prayer, reflection, and action.
  • Prayer Circle: Our Pastoral Charge Prayer Circle offers prayer support and care as an extension to the ongoing pastoral care carried out by the minister and other members of our church. We go about our ministry quietly and faithfully. We pray as we are able, in our own way and in our own homes, and we commit to including prayer for those who have asked for particular support through the Prayer Circle.
  • Wonder Café Conversations: On the last Sunday of each month the Sackville United Church congregation where we ‘talk the walk’ and through a conversation with a guest from the community who speaks with us about emergent issues and situations.  Following the conversation we share in a pot-luck luncheon.  Past Wonder Café Conversations have touched on topics such as: Secular Life, Indigenous Rights, Racism & Islamaphobia, Reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples, Gender & Sexuality, to name a few.
  • Reading & Discussion Groups: Over the summer of 2017 the reading group
    followed the theme “Three Months, Three Books, Three Indigenous Writers”. Watch for 2018 plans soon.
  • Spiritual Journey Groups: Spiritual Journey groups are an opportunity to deepen
    Work shelves SUC
    Work shelves in the Godly Play Room

    awareness, openness and responsiveness to God in the middle of ordinary life, with loving support and encouragement of friends who share this desire. They are a trusting circle where one may bring anything from one’s life to share, without fear of judgement or advice, knowing that it will be received as a gift, and responded to in love.

  • Topical or Biblical Study Groups: At least twice yearly our pastoral charge engages in some form of study or reflection series intended to complement our worship and life together. Some recent topics are Dante’s Inferno, Oscar Wilde’s “De Profundis”, and Celtic Spirituality. We also have a variety of other small groups and themed events. These programs are open to all who wish to attend.
  • Online Programs: We are not afraid to use technology – webinars, email retreats, blogs and other such media inform and sustain our spiritual growth.  Often during Coffee and Conversation you will hear conversation about the latest podcast or webinar they have taken part in.
  • Individual and Group Retreats: The Pastoral Charge supports and encourages its
    Our Shrove Tuesday Trivia Champions!

    members in their spiritual growth by assisting in supporting participation in individual and group retreats.  Three of our members have participated in the Contemplative Pathway program program at Tatamagouche Centre.

  • Intergenerational Gatherings & Events: Intergenerational Events are an important part of our faith development in Sackville Pastoral Charge, providing a time when people of all ages can gather together in exploring the mystery and wonder of God. Popular events include music afternoons at Upper Sackville and Sackville United’s annual “Earth Hour Shut off the Power” party every March.

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