Pastoral Care

pastoral_care_banner_with_words_01Our Minister and a team of volunteers provides pastoral care to those in hospital, nursing facilities or at home.

Broadly defined, pastoral care is understood as care of the spirit – making meaning in our lives.

Sometimes the care that is offered is focused and directed, such as at times of crisis or grief.  At other times the care is simply being present and walking alongside.

The Minister makes weekly rounds at local hospital and bi-monthly visits to the Drew Nursing Home.

Congregational members also contribute to this ministry and regularly visit seniors in their home and share  Communion with them.  In addition, there is a team of folk who visit the Drew Nursing Home on a quarterly basis for one-on-one visits and another team of folk who do a Godly Play program at the Drew on a monthly rotation.

The Minister and Music Director provide leadership at a Sunday Gathering at the Drew Nursing Home on a monthly basis and members of the congregation often come along and share with the residents.

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