Prayer Circle

Our Pastoral Charge Prayer Circle offers prayer support and care as an extension to the 18893384_1349886931762012_7000349053996542407_nongoing pastoral care carried out by the minister and other members of our church. We go about our ministry quietly and faithfully. We pray as we are able, in our own way and in our own homes, and we commit to including prayer for those who have asked for particular support through the Prayer Circle.

When one’s life holds concerns and worries, it can be comforting and strengthening to be held in prayer. As one holds another within the loving heart of prayer, the flow of God’s love widens and encompasses you both. Being held… and holding… prayer is a gift to the world.

Members of the Prayer Circle receive a monthly email outlining current prayer requests that have been received through the minister, the church office, or through its facilitator. Details surrounding the requests may be shared, but all information is kept in strict confidence.  If you would like to be a part of the prayer circle please contact the current coordinator, Mora MacDonald by email.


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