#GC43: Day One

IMG_2003Rasta and I arrived about noon and got settled in.  After unpacking and having a little rest time we headed out to explore and began to meet people from across this wide land. Some of our time was spent at the Festival of Faith where we shared in some conversations, met the two other service dogs that are on site and generally enjoyed the beautiful sunny day!

At 4PM we found ourselves in what will be our plenary space for the first ever ‘mandatory session’ of a General Council meeting.  For two hours we were introduced to some of the key people in the planning of the Council, the new processes that we will follow and, we had our first ‘listening session’ as we learned more about the Call to the Church from the Indigenous Church.

IMG_2001Following supper we headed out for a walk, picked up a selection of local craft beers to experience over the course of our time here (me – NOT Rasta) and then, after visiting the welcome party – where the volume of music was too loud for both of us, we found a field and played chuck it for half an hour… after which, at 9:30 we were both ready for bed.

Tomorrow would come early – out the door at 5:30AM to talk part in a Sunrise Ceremony led by an Indigenous Elder… ’til tomorrow!IMG_2004


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