Musings, October 1st 2018: With Gratitude!

I am at a loss for words this morning, kinda preached out!  Yesterday’s reflection was longer than I normally preach – but I had a lot to say!  I don’t think anyone fell asleep!

At Upper Sackville we were blessed with the music of the Carter Girls and at Sackville United it was a riot of celebration and joy filled with colour: flags and more flags, the beautiful banner made by Miranda, rainbow jello made by Janet and the beautiful chocolate from Edward, the standards from Affirm United and the Conference Office!  And the music: hymns about Drawing the Circle Wide and Building A House of love… and the anthem written Janet Hammock and performed by the choir.

Wow!  So much to give thanks for.  Join us this Sunday as we celebrate the goodness that fills our lives!  9:00AM @ Upper Sackville United Church, 11:00AM @ Sackville United Church!

Here is the link to the reflection offered on Sunday.  It was slightly different at Upper Sackville – but the core of the message was the same:

May we go from here, companions on the journey to build a house where love can dwell – that all may find the pearl of great price. Amen.

Looking Ahead

Today I am in the office this morning then to Moncton to do visits at the hospital.  This afternoon I am taking part in a webinar to learn about the new pastoral relations process and after that I have a conference call with a General Council Committee.

Tuesday will be spent getting ready for our Thanksgiving celebrations, writing the liturgy and a reflection that draws together the themes of gratitude, community and response.  We will be celebrating communion at both services – as a result the sermon will be a little shorter.  I promise!

On Wednesday I am off to Musquodoboit where I’ll meet with a student minister, their Educational Supervisor and Lay Supervision Team to do some training in my role as Chair of the Conference Committee on Internship and Educational Supervision.

On Thursday I’ll continue with the Conference work meeting with another Student Minister and their Educational Supervisor before heading back to Sackville to engage in a couple of scheduled pastoral visits and the Sackville United Church Executives Grounding Meeting at 6:30PM.

On Friday I am taking part in the Tantramar Hospice Palliative Care Event in the morning and in the afternoon I’ll be stocking the larder four our family Thanksgiving feast on Saturday!

If you’ve read this far you’ll know that by now I’ll need a day off.  I’m looking forward to a morning of cleaning and cooking and then – a house filled with conversation and stories and the smell of cooking turkey, followed by a meal of gratitude for all the goodness that fills the world!

As above, on Sunday we will gather at 9:00AM at Upper Sackville United Church and 11:00AM at Sackville United Church where we will celebrate the bounty of the land, break the bread of community and share the cup joy and welcome new members to the community.  Happy Thanksgiving!  As Jen and I celebrate our 1st Wedding Anniversary we hope that you too enjoy the Holiday Monday!


  1. Lloyd, I loved your sermon yesterday. I am glad that it was no shorter because what you said at the conclusion was very important. You started off telling about your childhood, making yourself vulnerable, but also having people understand how important it is to be included. Then you went on to talk about all the losses that the LGBT community face that we have not experienced to the degree that they have. God is love. Jesus loves the little children. We are all little children inside. Each individual and the world will not be healed until everyone feels welcomed, love, connected, and part of the bigger world. All the things that Jesus and God taught us. I thought it was a wonderful sermon from beginning to end. Everyone also enjoyed the girls. I am so glad that you are our minister.


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