SUC Executive Notes – September 2018

Keyboard (detail) with cross key
“worship and work must be one”

The Executive of the Congregation for SUC is continuing a process of regular updates of its actions in the effort to be as transparent and accountable to the congregation as possible.

Here are motions from the September 19th Executive Meeting:

  •  Eric Tusz-King moved the approval of the (1c) recommendation for P&M to overspend the budget to repair the roof (see P&M report 1a & 1b) seconded by Elsie MacDonald.  Motion carried.  The Executive recommended that the Service agreement in 1e be revisited, try a twice-yearly preventative maintenance contract.
  • Eric Tusz-King moved the acceptance of the June 25, 2018 minutes as circulated.  Elsie MacDonald seconded. Motion carried.
  • Elsie MacDonald moved that the Executive direct Eric Tusz-King to establish an agreement with Visions United Church to serve as financial examiners for each other’s books.  Lois Hicks seconded.  Motion carried.

Other points of interest include:

  • Reports received on this summer’s GO Project and current Social Justice Liason initiative
  • Discussion of the October 28 visioning service planning
  • Discussion of the continuing development of the Safe Space for Teens group

One comment

  1. Thank you! I was wondering if I could have a list of who the Elders are at SUC, who is on the Executive, what these committees are charged to do, and also what other committees exist at SUC? I have realized that I have never heard anything about our committees since starting to attend SUC a year ago. When I got up to become a member, I was surprised to see a few others who I had assumed were members, get up, too. Later when I asked, someone told me some of those people were Elders. Was I ever embarrassed! However, it does point to what is perhaps a bit of a hole in the information that is available to newer church-goers. Or is that information private? Help!


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