Faith and Politics

Faith and Politics

People of faith are called to live out the responsibilities of citizenship and of discipleship! Click here to check out the United Church of Canada election kit.

What Does Faith Have to Do with Politics? We seek God’s vision for the world where human dignity is defended, creation is mended and gifts are shared for the good of all.

If we are to build a just society and a caring world, we are, as people of faith, called to discern which leaders and their parties will help make that happen. If we are to be part of a society that honours diversity, opposes hate and xenophobia, and is open to people fleeing persecution, we must call on candidates during campaigns and political leaders to uphold these values in political discourse and in action.
If we are to be part of the movement to heal and protect the places and people in our own communities and around the world already being negatively affected by climate change, we must act decisively now.
If Canada is to lead with integrity in the international community, we must live out in action the belief that all human beings are created in the image of God, equal, and infinitely precious, and we must expect an unwavering commitment to human rights, dignity and international law in all of Canada’s global relationships.

Again, here is that link: Faith and Politics

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