“Food for the World” month at SPC

This October, we are taking 4 Sundays to focus on food and food security.

We will remember the work our Mission & Service Partners and the Canadian Foodgrains Bank are doing around the world to support food security in both the short and long term.  At the same time, as numbers at the local food bank continue to grow and shelves are often bare, we are launching an “Anniversary” food drive for the month.

Our goal is to collect a total of 365 items (a combination of Sackville United’s 229th anniversary, and of Upper Sackville’s 136th) for the Sackville Food Bank over the course of the month. Food will be collected and donated each week, and a list of items most needed will be sent out in our weekly email.

Food Bank Oct 6
October 6 – 38 items collected (11% of our total goal)

October 6
Worldwide Communion Sunday: Breaking Bread Around the World

We invite all the aspiring bakers in the congregation to try their hand at baking any bread recipe from around the world! Pita, Challah, Matzoh, Tortillas, Bannock, etc. Our goal is to celebrate communion with a truly international flavor!   Please see the sign-up sheet on the discernment board – breads do not need to be gluten-free, although gluten-free options will be available.


October 13
Thanksgiving Sunday: A Harvest Display

Once again we invite members of the congregations to bring in their fresh produce to be used in the creation of a Harvest Display on our Thanksgiving communion tables. All produce will be donated to the Sackville Food Bank following the service.

October 20
World Food Sunday: One Seed at a Time

We hear stories of need and hope from around the world. Those who are able might consider making a special contribution to international food efforts (including special M&S appeals and the Foodgrains Bank).

food justiceOctober 27
Peace Sunday: Hunger and Unrest – “Give us this Day our Daily Bread”

As climate change and the food insecurity that comes with it begets displacement and violence, we look at food as part of a larger picture of the state of the world, and what we can do that we might see peace “on earth, as it is in heaven.” This Sunday is also a chance celebrate all that we have collected, and reaffirm our commitment to ending hunger in our community and in the world.

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  1. […] A series of 4 Sundays focused on food and food security, including World Communion, Thanksgiving, and World Food Sundays.  As part of our worship, we will be conducting a “Church Anniversary Food Drive” with the goal of collecting 365 items (a combination of Sackville United’s 229th and Upper Sackville’s 136th anniversaries).  Read more about the full list of activities (including international bread baking) here. […]


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