Maundy Thursday: Of Light, Service, Bread and Cup

Thursday of Holy Week is an opportunity to remember Jesus’ act of washing the feet of 50564-last-supper-RomoloTavani-facebook.1200w.tnhis disciples and our call to do the same – to be of service to one another and the world.

The inability to gather on this day grieves me even more than missing Easter Sunday!  For to me, this service of humbling oneself, of bending before the other, of being in community, grounds Easter Sunday.  Transformation occurs in selfless acts of service.

Of course, those who know me, know that this gathering was a high point in each of the 13 years I served as a Chaplain at Springhill Institution.  My prayer is that this  service, designed for use by an individual or family is helpful for you in these challenging times.

To participate fully, you may wish, before you begin, to have a candle to light, a piece of bread to break and eat, and cup of juice or wine to drink.

In service and gratitude,


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