Easter Celebrations, April 12th 2020

An Easter Sunrise gift from Jennie and Lloyd!  Here’s hoping that you manage to find a Sunrisefew chocolate eggs and are embraced with the transformational hope that is Easter!

Click here to enjoy!  Happy Easter!

And don’t forget to join us for our Easter Sunday Gathering via Facebook Live at 10AM!  Here is a link to the slides for the 10AM celebration.  Have a candle present and light it as we gather and sing “I see the love of God in you…”  There will be lots of music (Hannah & Collen Wade, Edward and Jennie and the Carter Girls) so settle in and enjoy!

And don’t forget, we will be celebrating communion as we gather so be sure to have some bread and juice or wine so you can partake.  To join us, go to the Sackville Pastoral Charge Facebook page and scroll down until you see the Live stream!  Invite your friends to join in – just hit the share button!  Be an evangelist!!

A Blessed Easter!

Lloyd & Jennie

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