Welcome Bea!

Bea is a grade 12 student at Parrsboro Regional High who is new to Sackville with her Mom Melissa and we are happy to have them with us for their co-op placement.

Bea writes,

Bea Gauthier

During my time here at Sackville United Church, I hope to get to know the staff and church members and make connections. I will strive to be as helpful as possible and put myself out into the Sackville community. I hope to find friends in my age group and in the LGBTQ+ community, and to become a part of the United Church once again. As a Co-op student of Parrsboro Regional High School, I want to represent my community proudly and do the best work I possibly can.

Bea Gauthier

Currently Bea is assisting in the cataloguing of books and is learning how to use the audio and visual equipment so that she may assist with the live-stream on Sunday mornings.

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