About Us

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To live with respect in creation

We are a two-point pastoral charge with a strong commitment to social justice, meaningful worship, outreach, family, and community, located at the heart of the Maritime Conference of the United Church of Canada in Sackville NB.

What we’ve been up to
What’s coming up for us

We are open-minded congregations that seek to explore the joy and mystery of faith together. Our members and friends come from a variety of faith backgrounds, from long-time members to growing children to questioning adults to exploring youth.

We seek to live out our mission together to be a church family sharing in God’s unconditional love through learning, worship and action.

UCC folks with PFLAG
To love and serve others

We invite you to explore our website and, if you choose, to join us for Sunday worship or one of our many groups or fellowship events – we welcome all who come to us, regardless of age, race, creed, ability, cultural background, sexual orientation or gender identity.

You are among friends!

Our Mission Statement

Guided by the presence of God’s spirit in Christ, we will be a church family, sharing God’s unconditional love through learning, worship, and action.

Our Affirming Vision Statement for Sackville United Church

Pride Flag WavedWe the community of Sackville United Church feel called to proclaim and live the call of Jesus in our midst.

As people at Sackville United Church, we are committed to being a safe, nurturing environment, affirming and including all – those oppressed, those excluded and those marginalized (e.g. by economic status, dietary limitations, race, culture, language, age, ability, mental health, marital status, gender identity, and sexual orientation).

We will join with all people who seek justice, compassion for all the earth, and, love and peace for all people.

In our Song of Faith we celebrate how relationship has taken us from creation through the prophets and the ministry of Jesus. The need for relationship calls us to follow the prompting of the Spirit. We open ourselves to be vulnerable so that through our work of affirmation we may all be one in every aspect of membership, ministry and life experience within our Sackville United Church community.

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