Sackville Pastoral Charge and its Congregations use a ‘council’ format of governance.

Each congregation has an Executive Council made up of Elders elected by their respective congregation. Elders normally serve a three year term and are elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Congregation.

The Officers of each Executive Council come together to form the Executive Council for the Pastoral Charge with the Chair of the Executive Council being elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Pastoral Charge (usually in late February or early March).

Sackville Pastoral Charge Executive Council

Jane Sutherland-Braedley (Chairperson), Lois Hicks (Secretary), Chrystal Schipper-Everill (Treasurer), Gayle Key & Bernice McMaster (Upper Sackville United Church) and Julien Desrochers & Elsie MacDonald (Sackville United Church).

Committees of the Sackville Pastoral Charge

Ministry & Personnel Committee: Karen Bamford, Shirley Hopkins & Bernice McMaster

Worship & Sanctuary Committee: Jane Braedley, Janet Geier, Bernice McMaster, Miranda Forstall – Lloyd Bruce and Jennie Delmotte (Ex-Officio)

Upper Sackville United Church Executive Council

Bernice McMaster (Chairperson), and Gayle Key (Treasurer).

Sackville United Church Executive Council

Julien Desrochers (Chairperson), Lois Hicks (Secretary), Chrystal Schipper-Everill (Treasurer), Dianne Fullerton, Janet Hammock & Elsie MacDonald.

Committees of Sackville United Church

Finance & Investment Committee: Ron Sutherland & Charles Beaver

Property & Maintenance Committee: Catherine Gaw (Convenor), Jonathan Harper & Colin Estabrooks