Sackville Pastoral Charge follows a ‘council’ format of governance.

The congregation has an Executive Council made up of Elders elected by the congregation. Elders normally serve a three year term and are elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Congregation.

Sackville Pastoral Charge Executive Council

Janet Hammock (Chairperson), Lois Hicks (Secretary), Chrystal Schipper-Everill (Treasurer), Dianne Fullerton, and Elsie MacDonald (Elders) and Rev. Lloyd Bruce (ex-officio).


Ministry & Personnel Committee: Karen Bamford, Shirley Hopkins

Property & Maintenance Committee: Catherine Gaw (Convenor), Jonathan Harper.

Stewardship Convenor: Frank Oulton

Worship & Sanctuary Committee: Dawn Estabrooks, Roo Forstall, Linda MacDonald, Paula Sears, and Rev. Lloyd Bruce and Jennie Del Motte (ex-officio)