Upper Sackville United Church

A Vibrant Country Church

Upper SackvilleAn Important Update: As of July 1, 2021, there will be a realignment of the boundaries of Sackville Pastoral Charge, which will become a one-point pastoral charge consisting of Sackville United Church.   All Upper Sackville United content up until that point will be archived on this website, and we wish Upper Sackville United all the best in this realignment.

In 1818, the Methodist congregation worshiping in Middle Sackville made the choice to move their original chapel (built in 1790) to a new piece of land in Upper Sackville. Their chapel was dismantled and then rebuilt on property deeded to the church by William Fawcett.

This reconstructed chapel was then torn down and replaced by a structure in 1855, which itself was torn down and replaced in 1883 with a new wooden church, the essential structure and foundation of which remain today. The church continues to be maintained in honour of its late 19th-century character, with wood-stove heating and carved pews, pulpit, and chandelier.

An extensive renovation of the church facade in the early 2000s replaced the original wooden facing with synthetic siding, and the spire was likewise extensively rebuilt. Both of these projects were undertaken with the goal of preserving the essence and character of the church while ensuring its beauty, safety, and longevity as a place where all may come in and experience the Holy.

We are proud of our “little country church” and particularly enjoy the bake sales and gospel music concerts we are able to offer to our church family and the wider Sackville community from within its doors. Even in the coldest parts of winter, we offer a warm fire (and warmer smile) to friends and strangers alike – all are welcome!

Little Dresses Update!

photoAfter sending over 600 dresses using the pattern we began with, we have switched to a new design!  This pattern was originated by Miss Lillian, who made over 1100 of these dresses before she passed away just shy of 101 years of age.  Thank you to the late Miss Lillian for this wonderful design that we will use to make many more “little dresses”.

Little Dresses Outreach Project

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