Adult Faith Formation

“Heart Prayers”

Our Faith Formation committee seeks to support learning and growth throughout all the seasons of life through Sunday School, small group ministries, youth & family ministry, Bible Study, retreats, online programs and intergenerational events.

Prayers for the World

Each week we are invited to take a prayer card on which a concern for the world is written, and either alone or in groups, take a moment for prayer, reflection, and action.

Prayers for the world

Prayer Circle

Our Pastoral Charge Prayer Circle offers prayer support and care as an extension to the ongoing pastoral care carried out by the minister and other members of our church. We go about our ministry quietly and faithfully. We pray as we are able, in our own way and in our own homes, and we commit to including prayer for those who have asked for particular support through the Prayer Circle.

Holding each other in prayer

Members of the Prayer Circle receive a monthly email outlining current prayer requests that have been received through the minister, the church office, or through its facilitator. Details surrounding the requests may be shared, but all information is kept in strict confidence.

When one’s life holds concerns and worries, it can be comforting and strengthening to be held in prayer. As one holds another within the loving heart of prayer, the flow of God’s love widens and encompasses you both. Being held…and holding…prayer is a gift to the world.

Seasonal Study Programs

At least twice yearly our pastoral charge engages in some form of study or reflection series intended to complement our worship and life together. Some recent topics are Dante’s Inferno, Oscar Wilde’s “De Profundis”, and Celtic Spirituality.  We also have a variety of other small groups and themed events. These programs are open to all who wish to attend.

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Coming in summer 2017 is the reading group Three Months, Three Books, Three Indigenous Writers.  Each month anyone who is interested can join us for an hour or so of dicussion on three books from this year’s “Canada Reads.”  Email the church office for more information.

Spiritual Journey Groups

Spiritual Journey groups are an opportunity to deepen awareness, openness and responsiveness to God in the middle of ordinary life, with loving support and encouragement of friends who share this desire. They are a trusting circle where one may bring anything from one’s life to share, without fear of judgement or advice, knowing that it will be received as a gift, and responded to in love.

Special Events

Intergenerational Events are an important part of our faith development in Sackville Pastoral Charge, providing a time when people of all ages can gather together in exploring the mystery and wonder of God.  Popular events include music afternoons at Upper Sackville and Sackville United’s annual “Earth Hour Shut off the Power” party every March.

The “United Church Mice” annual Relay for Life team


If you would like to know more about any of these programs or are interesting in joining us, please contact the church office at (506) 536-0498 or EMAIL  for more information.

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