Children & Youth

Smile!  You’re on candid camera!

Our Faith Formation committee seeks to support learning and growth through all the seasons of life through Sunday School, small group ministries, youth & family ministry, Bible Study, retreats, online programs and intergenerational events.

Sunday School

We seek to create a safe place where children of all ages can engage with the stories of our faith and explore connections to God in their lived experiences.

Our Sunday School features a multiage classroom within a Godly Play space; using this and other resources, we aim to create a vibrant and spiritual atmosphere where our young worshippers can feel comfortable learning, exploring and questioning. We have a few core teachers, along with many volunteers who share lessons, stories and activities that come out of their own individual gifts. We also subscribe to online resources and study programs for families that we make available by email to our Sunday School mailing list.

The cast of our Christmas play, written and directed by our Sunday School!

Our sacred circle in Sunday School is designed for children ages 5-11, and a quiet room connected to the sanctuary is available for parents and toddlers as well.


SPY@SUC: Spiritual Practices for Youth

Sharing a SPY meal

SPY is a program that supports youth (grade 7+) in developing practices that strengthen their sense of God’s presence in all facets of their life experience.

SPY began in October 2012. Co-led by Marilyn Burrell and Bailey Fleming, the program offers a supportive and encouraging atmosphere for teens to consider the events of everyday life through the lens of our Christian faith.

Together, we explore a variety of spiritual practices and share how (or if) they help us to stay grounded and present throughout the day. For example, music can draw us to a deeper sense of the Holy; paying attention to nature moves us to gratitude; noticing our breath can become a prayer of presence; and we notice that we are strengthened in spirit as we share our journey in community. SPY meets monthly during worship.

Parents and Tots

The “tots” part of Parents and Tots

Parents and Tots is a family-based part of our outreach, run jointly with St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church. We know how difficult it can be to be the parent of a young child, and how isolating it feels sometimes. Parents and Tots is a weekly event on Thursday mornings from 9:30-11am  at St. Andrew’s where parents and children congregate. We offer volunteer supervision, toys and activities for children, and a chance for parents to socialize, talk with other adults, and relax.

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