A Commitment to Social Justice and Community Service
In Sackville and Beyond

Our Mission Statement

Celebrate Stewardship Photo
We are all one people

Inspired by the spirit of justice and mercy, the Outreach Circle works together with the congregations of Sackville Pastoral Charge to nurture, encourage, and affirm God’s transformative vision of an abundant, loving, and peaceful community.

16797432_1249227331827973_8529670817553623967_oCoffee and Conversation with Open Sky

Each Wednesday morning at 10am, Sackville United Church and Open Sky Co-op partner to host a time of coffee, snacks, and fellowship for anyone who wishes to attend.

Fair Trade Coffee and Chocolate

Just Us
Feeding body and soul

Who says social justice can’t be delicious? For over a decade the Outreach Committee of the pastoral charge has sold JustUs! Fair Trade Coffee and Chocolate.

We do this both to support the fair wages that JustUs! offers its workers and international suppliers, and also as a fundraising project that we use to support our congregational work for social justice both locally and internationally.

Little Dresses

Bright smiles

For several years, members of Upper Sackville United and the surrounding community have met each Tuesday to sew dresses and shorts for children in need, with both fabric and time faithfully donated.  Through our partners overseas, these clothes travel to Uganda to children at local schools – for many, these are the only piece of new clothing they have each year.


Our interests:

Worship and work must be one

– Support of Global Partners through M&S
– Youth Initiatives (e.g. The GO Project)
– Justice Work with Aboriginal Peoples
– Local Food Bank/Community Associations
Open Sky Cooperative Farm
Habitat for Humanity
Canadian Foodgrains Bank
– local and national M&S Projects
Download the 2017 Minutes for Mission

If you are interested in becoming a part of our Outreach initiatives, or you have a suggestion of an event or project in which we might be interested, please contact the Sackville Pastoral Charge Office at (506) 536-0498 or email.

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