Stewardship (the responsible care we give to things we value) is the way we make decisions about how we spend our time and money, and how we share our talents and skills to make a difference for good in our community, neighbourhood and world.

Stewardship invites us to ask how our faith in God, and our participation in building the realm of God, a just, loving and generous world impacts what we ourselves do, give, and spend, not just at Sackville United, but in all of your life.

Stewardship happens when those who are part of our community choose to volunteer time at local foodbanks, hospitals and outreach projects, when we use our financial offerings to support local mission and ministries of the congregation, and the Mission and Service Fund of the United Church. It also happens when we make ethical choices about retirement funds, investments and estate planning.

Local ministries include education and practical support for our children and adults, ministries with Seniors, Healing Pathway and Pastoral care ministries, and partnerships with local, national and international social justice organizations.

SackvilleUnited is a place where we try to live God’s shalom together, pooling our talents and resources to provide ministries for young-families on Sundays and throughout the week, quality life-giving ministries with Seniors; safe and affirming places for spiritual growth and healing, partnerships with local, national and international social justice organizations. Visited the various pages of this website and be amazed at how much this one congregation is doing to live God’s shalom!